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Month: July, 2013

I fucked the hottest shemales

Wow! I have to say that I feel really proud of myself for putting my hands on some of the hottest shemale sluts I ever saw. I’ve been going to this club recently where it seems that there are lots of shemales waiting for a stud to reach up to them and grab their asses, just to show them that they mean business. What I really like about them is that sometimes they even offer a blowjob before we leave the club and go to my place. Oh… and what great blowjobs they can offer. It’s the best blowjob I ever had. No normal chick can suck my dick the way they can.

Living a wild life with hot shemales

I have to admit that ever since I started watching shemale porn my life turned to 180 degrees. The sex life has improved, I get to fuck all the asses I want in this life and to be honest, these shemales really know how to make a guy like me happy. Don’t worry, they also know how to make someone like you as happy as I am. Besides the porn videos I’ve also done a couple of cam shows with these shemales (as you already know) and the fact that I keep seeing them stretch their asses or raising their hot mini skirts makes me dick be teased all the time. Some of my best friends are also shemales and ladyboys and we’ve been enjoying each others presence ever since, especially me because I’m the one that’s banging all the asses