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Month: October, 2019

She’s Changing For The Better

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Trannys That Turn Heads

I’ll never forget the first time I met a Tranny. I was on a work trip and decided to head out for a beer one evening. I didn’t know the area well and just went into the first bar I came to. I went in and found a spot at the bar and had absolutely no intentions for the evening. I was just going to unwind with a couple drinks and head back to the bar. It didn’t take long for a beautiful babe to cozy up next to me. She was one of the hottest chicks I had seen on the trip so I started flirting. We hit it off really well and I took her back to my room. I had no idea she was a Tranny until I took off her panties expecting to eat her pussy only to find out she had a mangina. It was the hottest sex I’ve ever had and now I’m hooked. 

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